Innovations Health Clinics Staff

Dr. Neville Reddy

Co-Founder Innovations Health Clinic, Pain Specialist

Starting with a medical degree in South Africa, Dr. Reddy went on to complete a residency in Anaesthesia as well as a Fellowship in Pain Management at the University Of Calgary Medical School.

Now a Clinical Professor at the University of Calgary faculty of medicine, Dr. Reddy provides resident teaching and mentoring. His philosophy of service to his patients is underscored by his embrace of mind and body healing, so much so that he is pursuing a PHD in Quantum Physics and Integrative Mind Body Medicine. Dr. Reddy also has a special interest in treatable and reversible causes of chronic pain.

In 2012, he opened Innovations Health Clinic, along with his wife, Sureshini Reddy (MBA PM), who is responsible for the daily management of both locations.

Gena Boris

Services: Chiropractic

Dr. Gena Boris Doctor of Chiropractic Bachelor of Health Science Honours Degree Certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Gena has been practising in Calgary for the past 13 years, she has lived in the Westhills area for the past decade and is a busy mom to 3 young children. She has training in a variety of techniques including Active Release Techniques, Medical Acupuncture and Graston. She is comfortable treating people of any age but has a particular interest in the pediatric population. She is well trained in treating back pain and headaches but also sports injury’s, TMJ dysfunction, growing pains and she can help fussy babies or those who are having latching and breastfeeding difficulties. You can feel confident that your condition and concerns will be addressed with exceptional care.

Adults: Initial visit $80 + treatment fee (45 minutes) Chiropractic & ART $75 (15 minutes) Medical Acupuncture $85 (30 minutes) Chiropractic visit $55

Child/Student/Senior Chiropractic visit $45 Chiropractic & ART $60 (15 minutes)

Anick Brouillet

Registered Massage Therapist

Anick is a registered massage therapist affiliated with the Natural Health Practitioner of Canada. She completed a two year 2200 hour Diploma at the Mary Helen Vicars School of Massage Therapy and became a Certified Massage Therapist in June 2005. She values a holistic approach to health that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. It is important for her that the clients feel empowered when they visit Innovations Health Clinic. What she wants to do is share some of the precious tools that have been given to her and that may assist in ending suffering, may it be of physical, emotional or spiritual nature.

Qualifications • Registered Massage Therapist • Craniosacral Therapy: Level 1, 2 and SomatoEmotional 1 • Reiki Master Teacher • Meditation Instructor • Color Spectrum Facilitator • Bachelor Degree of Law

Jen Burt

Jen Burt, RMT

Services: Massage

Jennifer is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and is an active member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. She graduated from Mount Royal College in 2005 and has been practicing in Calgary for the past 14 years. Jennifer is passionate about providing her clients with an understanding of the benefits of massage therapy in bringing ultimate balance to one’s daily life. Massage plays a great role in rehabilitating the physical functioning of the human body as well as increasing overall feelings of well-being. Jennifer offers a variety of massage therapy treatments and specializes in the following techniques: Pediatrics (Infant/Child), Pre/Post Natal, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Sport Injury Rehabilitation, Migraine/Headache Relief, Stress Management, Hot Stone and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

Please NOTE that Saturdays are alternating, call to confirm availability.

Rachel Frontain

Dr, DC

Dr. Rachel Frontain grew up in Saskatchewan where she acquired her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Saskatchewan. Despite her love of the arts, she always knew she wanted to be in the medical field. Following a traumatic incident while snowboarding, she met a chiropractor who would inspire her to go into the field. She got her doctorate of chiropractic and Bachelor of Sciences in Human Anatomy and Biology through the University of Western States in Portland, OR. During her time there, she was exposed to the concept of functional neurology, also known as chiropractic neurology, while shadowing Dr. Glen Zielinski at his clinic, Northwest Functional Neurology. She ultimately joined the clinic as an associate doctor. For 3 years Dr. Rachel honed her diagnostic abilities and gained experience in treating and managing some of the most complex neurological cases using a functional neurological approach.

Functional Neurology is a method of clinical diagnosis, evaluation and treatment that is based in clinical neuroscience. It was developed by Dr. Ted Carrick who went on to create the Carrick Institute, the leading educational institution in the field of clinical neuroscience for doctors and health professionals. Dr. Rachel has acquired over 400 hours of training with the Carrick Institute and is board certified with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Since all systems ultimately lead to the brain and nervous system, she is passionate about discovering the root cause of her patients’ problems on a neurological level. Through this discovery, we can harness the brain’s ability to create new connections, also known as neuroplasticity, to create lasting results.

Maryann Gaulin

Maryanne Gaulin EMDR Therapy

Services: Meditation

Maryanne Gaulin is a Trauma specialist. EMDR therapy, addictions counselling services, and eating disorders. Yoga and Meditation. Maryanne has been working with those who’ve experienced trauma, for years. She has experience working in individualized, residential addictions treatment centres, and outpatient settings. She is a registered provisional psychologist and specializes in EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. She believes in using a holistic approach, mind-body-spirit, when it comes to healing from trauma and addiction. When a person can heal from their pain, they then can step into their power and purpose. They can begin to experience felling happy, healthy, and free. EMDR therapy can be used to free a person from trauma, PTSD, anxiety and panic, depression, sleep problems, phobias, complicated grief, addictions, and pain relief.

There is a system inherent in all of us that is physiologically oriented to process information to a state of health and resolve. However, when something traumatizing or overwhelming occurs (i.e. a car accident or shooting) or being repeatedly subjected to distress (i.e. childhood neglect or abuse) our natural coping mechanism can be overloaded. The result can be the disturbing event or experiences remain frozen, stuck, or unprocessed within us. These unprocessed memories and feelings are stored in the limbic system in an emotional form rather than in a verbal ‘story’ mode. The limbic systems traumatic memories can be triggered any time events are experienced that are similar to the difficult ones a person has already been through. The memory itself can be forgotten, but the painful feelings, such as anxiety, panic, fear, anger, and despair are continually being triggered preventing the person from being fully present in the moment. Our ability to live in the present and learn from new experiences can therefore become inhibited. EMDR helps create the connections between the brain’s memory networks, enabling the brain to process the traumatic memory in a very natural way. Bilateral stimulation, rapid eye movements, tapping, etc all assist the brain to reprocess the information to a state of completion.

This is all done to help a person process the information or memories that have been stuck within them, in order to help free them of the negative impact those memories have had on their current life experience.

Maryanne also utilized meditation, yoga therapy, breath work and kundalini yoga to assist clients who would like to bust through their blocks and live the life they may not have even known was possible

Maryanne is grateful to be working in an environment that focuses on treating clients from a holistic perspective.

Nicole Hajdok-Penny


Nicole Hajdok-Penny, DO(MP), E-RYT, BBA

Osteopath DO(MP) and Yoga Teacher E-RYT Nicole Hajdok-Penny joined Innovation Health Clinics in 2021. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, Nicole also attended the London School of Osteopathy and the Ontario School of Osteopathy. Graduating in 2013, she opened a successful Osteopathic Clinic and Yoga studio in the Toronto area. Nicole belongs to the National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS) and the Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association (OOAMA).

Nicole has expertise in a wide range of techniques: gentle hands-on work, Cranio-sacral therapy (Cranial Osteopathy), visceral manipulation, lymphatic, muscle work, and joint mobilizations. Her depth of skill in many Osteopathic techniques helps her resolve some of her patient’s most complex health conditions and adapt each treatment to the patient’s specific needs. “Helping patients is like trying to figure a massive body puzzle that comes in as their symptom but what I am looking for is the root cause of the dysfunction. Our body holds everything we have been through its trying to sift through all that information to find the source of it all.”

Whether you suffer from migraines, back pain, foot pain, digestive issues, neck pain, TMJ, muscle spasms, or just anything that you can’t understand. She can help! Nicole is passionate about Osteopathy and believes that learning is a lifelong journey. That is why she keeps adding to her toolbox to improve her skills in order to help as many patients as possible, which lead her to IMM techniques Advanced Integrated Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Techniques. Her most recent continuing education courses were in Advanced Cranial Osteopathy and Pediatric Osteopathy.

Nicole combines osteopathy and yoga with helping your body to realign, detoxify, and release tension in the joints to allow for more fluid movement. The way she uses these techniques and transitions between them is unique and sets her apart from other practitioners.

Don’t ever put your health on the back burner- your health should be a priority! Let’s get you living and playing pain free!

Dr. Roza Kazemi


Dr. Rosa Kazemi is a female family Doctor who always applies her passion for medicine to the care of her patients and speaks English, Farsi, and Turkish, and is accepting new patients!

Mitchel Lewadny

Dr.Mitchel Lewadny R.Ac, TCMD

Mitchel comes from a family of Martial Arts and Yoga teachers, therefore since the age of 3 he has been practicing Kung fu and Eastern philosophies. From here Mitchel took the step to take his knowledge deeper through the studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During this time he has trained in various techniques of Acupuncture including standard Chinese style, Dr. Tan balance method, Master Tung style and I-Ching Acupuncture. He is also Level 2 certified in Heat Sensitive Moxibustion from the State Ministry of TCM in China. Through his training he was awarded a scholarship from the Chinese Herbal Society of Calgary (2016) and graduated at the top of his class. He has also continued his studies at several hospitals across China. His focuses include women’s health & menopause, insomnia, mental health issues, addiction, men’s health, inner ear issues, headaches/migraines, pruritus, respiratory illness and common colds. His background in the Martial Arts also influences a focus on treating muscle and joint pain specifically in the back, neck, and shoulders. Mitchel believes that Chinese Medicine and Kung Fu are extensions of one another and he is passionate about teaching people how to integrate these practices into daily life and how they can impact ones health.

services he can provide are:

-Acupuncture -Herbal prescriptions

within a session he may also use other techniques such as:

  • Cupping 拔罐法 (ba guan fa)
  • Scraping 刮痧(Gua sha)
  • Tui na 推拿 (chinese massage using acupuncture points)
  • Diet and lifestyle advice
  • Moxibustion Therapy 灸

Dr. Anisa Lila


Services: Chiropractic

Dr. Anisa Lila graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, located in Toronto, in 2003. As a former massage therapist, she uses various techniques when addressing the needs of her patients including reiki, acupuncture, myofascial release therapy and both low and high velocity adjustments. Dr. Lila tailors a treatment plan to the needs of individual clients to bring the body to a position of equilibrium.

Dr. Darmyn Ritchie


Dr. Darmyn Ritchie is excited to begin his family practice with the team at Innovations Health Clinics at both the East and West sites. Dr. Ritchie obtained his medical degree from the University of Ottawa and has completed his family medicine residency training at both the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Prior to pursuing his medical training, Dr. Ritchie’s interests in human health and movement led him to a career in exercise physiology research with a focus on aging, muscle physiology and longevity. Throughout his medical training, Dr. Ritchie’s interests and passions have remained in obesity and sports medicine along with emergency medicine / urgent care and hospital based practice. In his spare time, Darmyn enjoys spending time with his family, running, hiking and skiing.

Dr. Nadia Romero

Dr. Nadia Romero

Services: Naturopath

Dr. Nadia Romero-Hagel was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and has lived in Canada for the Majority of her life.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge. She then pursued her medical training at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. She can help with alternative therapies such as IV Nutrient therapy, Vitamin injections, Acupuncture and Prolotherapy.

Her primary areas of focus are pain management and anti-aging.

Dr. Rob Roth

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Rob Roth is a Naturopathic Doctor with clinical expertise in pain management and injury rehabilitation, where he uses comprehensive orthopedic assessments to assist his patients in becoming pain free. In addition to injury rehabilitation, integrative cancer therapies that focus on enhancing conventional cancer treatments while reducing their toxic burden also forms a cornerstone of Dr. Roth’s practice. These include intravenous vitamin and nutrient therapies, oral supplementation, diet, and mapping the patient’s genetic profile to assess the body’s terrain and areas that need repair based on genetic weaknesses. However, the utility of genetic testing is greater reaching than just cancer; this science has come a long way in the last couple decades and we can also capitalize on it in family medicine to understand how genetic errors can lead to mental health disorders, autism, chronic pain, cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and more. Dr. Roth is one of a handful of doctors using genetic analysis coupled with nutrigenomic treatment plans to address genetic errors that lead to chronic diseases. Dr. Roth believes in individualized medicine that addresses the root cause of disease, a primary reason for his work in genetics

Martha Ruta

Martha Ruta BSc. PT

Services: No services provided at this time.

Special interest in Spinal Mobilization/Manipulation and Stabilization Physiotherapy. Helping you get back to the things you love.

Martha Ruta BSc. PT

Dr. Madison Young


Dr. Young provides a modern and up-to-date approach to Family Medicine, using evidence-based medicine in combination with clinical experience, while always maintaining a patient-centered approach. She specializes in sexual health (including being a certified HIV Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) provider), men’s health, LQBTQ+ medicine and Botox for migraines. She takes referrals from other physicians for her specialized areas, as well as providing these services for her own general practice. Dr. Young will be working at both clinic locations.