Dr. Rob Roth

Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Rob Roth is a Naturopathic Doctor with clinical expertise in pain management and injury rehabilitation, where he uses comprehensive orthopedic assessments to assist his patients in becoming pain free. In addition to injury rehabilitation, integrative cancer therapies that focus on enhancing conventional cancer treatments while reducing their toxic burden also forms a cornerstone of Dr. Roth’s practice. These include intravenous vitamin and nutrient therapies, oral supplementation, diet, and mapping the patient’s genetic profile to assess the body’s terrain and areas that need repair based on genetic weaknesses. However, the utility of genetic testing is greater reaching than just cancer; this science has come a long way in the last couple decades and we can also capitalize on it in family medicine to understand how genetic errors can lead to mental health disorders, autism, chronic pain, cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and more. Dr. Roth is one of a handful of doctors using genetic analysis coupled with nutrigenomic treatment plans to address genetic errors that lead to chronic diseases. Dr. Roth believes in individualized medicine that addresses the root cause of disease, a primary reason for his work in genetics


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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine
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