Biofeedback is a process that enables an individual to learn how to affect physiological activity for the purposes of improving health, stress coping skills, and performance. A sophisticated device and computer interface are used to test stress reactions and help to facilitate changes in some of the perceptions, emotions, and behavior that complicate healing. Clients who benefit most are those whose conditions are caused or aggravated by stress or post-traumatic triggers. Consciously, many are unaware of the biological role that these play. Biofeedback is most effective when participants accept responsibility for maintaining their own health, change bad habits, and recognize that they can, by their own efforts, remedy some physical ailments.

Biofeedback may help: Anxiety or Depression Stress Management Coping with Illness Behavioral Modification or Addiction Injury Recovery Muscle Tension Digestive Problems Acute & Chronic Pain Immune Impairment Circulation & Blood Pressure Coping with Medical Side Effects Athletic & Mental Performance

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